Source:  "Growing Pains and Pleasure", Chapter 12 from The History of Teaneck by Mildred Taylor, p. 68

James E. Pearce

William Bennett turned over the office of chairman of the Township Committee to James E. Pearce on January 1, 1910.  During his fourteen years of service he had nursed the infant government through the creeping and crawling stage until it could stand alone.  The new committee, which included George V. Demarest, J. A. Ackerman, Robert Stevenson, and Christian Benson, adopted rules of order as set forth in Cushing's Manual.  It set a regular date for the annual audit and instructed J. H. Brinkerhoff to cut the crossbars from the lets of the council table.  The Committee on Bridges and Culverts reported progress in conference with Wendel Andreas. ..........


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