Source:  The Teaneck News, Wednesday, May 5, 1982 - page 35

Lucille Steiner

Lucille Steiner849 Barbara Drive, age 58.  Occupation: Accountant; Education: BA Brooklyn College economics/ education; MBA NYU accounting/business administration. Married, 2 children.  Civic activities:  Councilwoman and Planning Board member 1978 to present; School Board Trustee 1975-78, president of three PTA's, member of Teaneck Jewish Center, life member of Hadassah, New Jersey society of Public Accountants, League of Women Voters.Question: What do you think are the major issues Teaneck will face during the next four years?  How would you address them? Please be specific.

Answer:  Teaneck's residents are concerned with stabilization of taxes, continued maintenance of township services and facilities, sound fiscal management, the safety of their families and property, and adequate housing for our senior citizens.Beginning in 1983, Glenpointe will provide an estimated annual revenue of $2,000,000. When this $150,000,000 project is completed, the revenues will increase to an estimated $7,000,000 and will work toward tax stabilization.

A more difficult task will be to continue to maintain our high level of township services, plant facilities, streets and parks, in the face of growing economic pressures. Here, I feel, the solution is tied to increased productivity and responsible fiscal management. As an accountant with a solid background in finances, I am sensitive to the need of fine-tuning budgets to get the most out of every dollar spent.

There are, of course, certain areas where it may be more difficult to economize, namely, where personal and property safety are concerned. Teaneck has an excellent police force and fire department which deserve and need our continued support and encouragement.Housing proposals for senior citizens are currently under study by the Township Planning Board. I am concerned, as well, with the plans that are being developed in other towns in various parts of the state and country.

Philosophically, I remain deeply committed to humanitarian needs and causes, while seeking to work creatively within the constraints of continued economic difficulties.


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