Source: Campaign material: The Voters' Digest, May 12, 1942

Samuel S. Paquin

Samuel S. Paquin

Councilman Samuel S. Paquin was among the earliest members of the Teaneck Taxpayers League and was elected a member of the first Municipal Manager Council taking office on November 11, 1930. He was re-elected in 1934, and again in 1938. He wrote all press releases and circulars used in the League's intensive educational campaign sponsoring the Municipal Manager plan for Teaneck, leading up to referendum election of September i6, 1930.

Mr. Paquin was graduated from Minneapolis Academy, a college preparatory school, then from the University of Minnesota with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Only ten months after his graduation he became day City Editor of the Minneapolis Tribune, and since that time has been continuously employed in newspaper work, seeing service on the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Evening American, New York Evening journal, International News Service and the King Feature Syndicate, where he now holds an editorial position.

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