Source: The Teaneck Shopper, Wednesday, May 6, 1970 - page 13

Know Your Candidates -- Lamar Jones

1389 Van Duyn Place, Age 57; 15 years in Teaneck. Married to Wilma Davenport; 1 son, Rodney, 11.  Occupation: Teacher of exceptional children, New York City.  B. Sc. and M. Sc. Ohio state University.  Further study: Mexico City College, N. Y. U., Highlands University, New Mexico, and Paterson State.

Civic Activities - Former member, Board of Education, Former Member, Advisory Board of Community Relations, Member, Board of Governors, Town and Gown Society, F. D. U. Trustee, United Methodist Church of Teaneck.  Chairman, Education Committee, United Methodist Church.  Collected for Community Chest and Boy Scouts.

Question:  Teaneck has long operated on a non-partisan basis in council elections.  Do you think this policy should be continued? Please give your reasons.

Answer:  Yes, we must continue non-partisan government.  If political parties take control, we can expect scandal and corruption.  Mediocrity will become the rule for appointments.  Those who are able and independent would not be appointed to various positions.  The Council would become more concerned with the welfare of the party rather than that of Teaneck.  We must remain non-partisan for the good of Teaneck.

Question:  What, in your opinion, is the most pressing problem facing Teaneck today?  How do you think it can best be resolved?

Answer:   The youth is Teaneck's most pressing problem.  They are beset with anxieties of the draft, the war in Vietnam, and demands by parents to over-achieve.  Some of our youth are caught up in the narcotic situation.  We must involve our youth to a greater degree in town government.  There must be programs where youth and parents can participate as a family.  We need to relieve overcrowding in our high school and we must provide facilities where youth can enjoy wholesome activities.


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