Source: The Teaneck Shopper, Wednesday, May 6, 1970 - page 12

Know Your Candidates -- John P. Dougherty

671 Sunset Road. Age, 51; 15 years in Teaneck. St. Joseph's Prep. School; graduate, Phila. College of Textiles and Science.  Textile Engineer, Monsanto Co. Textiles Div., N. Y. C.  Veteral, Wold War II and Korean Emergency - retired as Lt. Col. in Army Reserves. Married; 2 sons.

Civic Activities - Teaneck Councilman, 4 years on current Council.  Council representative, patriotic Observance Advisory Board.  Council Representative, Youth Guidance Council.

Question:  Teaneck has long operated on a non-partisan basis in council elections.  Do you think this policy should be continued? Please give your reasons.

Answer:  Non-partisan form of government should be continued in Teaneck.  This, however, should not prevent any candidate or holder of elective office from expressing his political preference on a county, state or national level by registering as a voter on a party basis.  Otherwise only voters classified as independents would be considered qualified for local office.  Appointments on a municipal level should be made on a best qualified and not on a national party basis.

Question:  What, in your opinion, is the most pressing problem facing Teaneck today?  How do you think it can best be resolved?

Answer:  Need for economy in government. Many lower and middle income families and senior citizens are being forced to move from our township because of high taxes.  Taxes should be stabilized by close scrutiny of capital expenditures and attracting of ratables in strict conformance with our zoning laws without condemnation of private homes or lessening municipal services.  In addition, appeal should be made to our state legislature for tax relief for our overburdened taxpayers.


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