Discover Teaneck '83: "THEN AND NOW"

Published for The Teaneck Housing Center by The Teaneck News
May 18, 1983

Teaneck News Serves Township

By John Garbarino

"Kid, you'll never make it."

Before there was The Teaneck News, there was The Teaneck Shopper -- and a high official of the local Chamber of Commerce expressed his rather pessimistic feelings to the first publisher in 1948.

That official, of course was wrong.  Thirty-five years later, the post-war Teaneck Shopper has metamorphosed into The Teaneck News a community newspaper for the '80s.

First published by Joseph Bonaro on Nov. 18, 1948, The Teaneck Shopper ran eight pages, complete with front page advertisement.  Circulation was 8,500.

"Some merchants were reluctant, but the majority were happy to see a newspaper start in Teaneck."  Mr. Bonaro, now owner of JB Printing, stated. "Few put a damper of discouragement on the project.  They saw the need for a newspaper in their town."

Arnold N. EdelsteinIn 1955 Mr. Bonaro sold his newspaper to Fabio Racioppi, now semi-retired.

"I became interested in Teaneck because it was an up and coming community, with many new businesses," Mr. Racioppi explained. "At the time, merchants were struggling against regional shopping centers.  By sticking together they overcame this new obstacle.  I'd like to think my newspaper had something to do with it."

Having published The Teaneck Shopper for eight years.  Recioppi sold the newspaper to Arnold N. Edelstein, current publisher, who changed the name to The Teaneck News a few years later.

The new owner, in 1963 the youngest publisher in the East, converted The Teaneck News to photo offset, one of the first independently owned newspapers to be so printed in the area.  Ten years ago The Teaneck News was one of the first local weekly newspapers to use modern, computerized typesetting.

Like other publishers of Teaneck's foremost newspaper, Edelstein previously worked for other local papers in the region.  His bachelor of science degree in advertising helped him develop a background in sales and publishing.

"A year and a half ago we took another step -- a full editorial staff, including my executive editor, John Garbarino, who holds two degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson -- to provide even more news coverage as Teaneck's only viable link between the community, merchants and the public," Edelstein explained.

Things have a way of cycling, and The Teaneck News, with twice the circulation it had in 1948, is printed at JB by Joe Bonaro.

Since everyone enjoys unusual data, a few facts are included: it required five tons of paper to produce one 48-page press run of The Teaneck News: JB can print 44,000 newspapers per hour; and The Teaneck News is printed on mill factory paper, the finest newsprint available, imported direct from Canada.

The Teaneck News, sponsor of the Outstanding Athletic Award at the annual TAB's Dinner, was recognized with one of the highest awards a community can bestow: Oct. 4 through Oct. 10, 1981, was Teaneck News Week.

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