Discover Teaneck '83: "THEN AND NOW"

Published for The Teaneck Housing Center by The Teaneck News
May 18, 1983

The New People

By Fran Schneider

What a wonderful assignment this was!  I found myself talking with some of the most interesting, diversified, enthusiastic people I have come across since we emigrated here from the Upper West Side of Manhattan six years ago.

The main thrust of this piece is to simply introduce a few of our new neighbors.  Since we're limited for space, though, I would just like to add that, in addition to those who follow, we have in our midst the Representative to the Permanent Mission of Guinea-Bissau to the UN, who moved here from Moscow with his family, and an actor named Terry Layman, who occasionally commutes by bike to the theater district (clocks in at 55 minutes.)

Britt and David Cryer

Britt and David, both actors, and their three children moved here from California two years ago.  He had gotten a major role in a Broadway play (He plays Juan Peron in Evita and came East to find a place for his family.  He had friends in Teaneck and found his way to the Housing Center which, he said, was enormously helpful and supportive.

Their needs were, in addition to proximity to the City, a town that is beautiful to look at, and an ethnically mixed neighborhood.  As Britt put it, "I see it as a gift I can give to my kids in terms of getting along with everyone."

In investigating, they had heard wonderful things about the schools in town.  Two of their three children attend school and Britt, a former dancer with the Paul Taylor Co., is active in school organizations.  She feels that the schools "have to be cherished and taken care of and maintained as well as they have been in the past."

Renee and Arthur Pazan

She is a certified bartender, as well as a VP of an Oppenheimer company on Wall St.  He is in the food business, and together they have begun a catering service.

Their first job was for a group of 250 people at their own wedding!  They are emigres from Manhattan, and said the "Discover Teaneck" event was a big factor in their decision to buy.  They also felt that the vitality and appeal of Teaneck were reinforced by the arrival of Glenpointe in addition to the promised tax stabilization brought about by it.

The well established strong Jewish community appealed to them, in addition to the fact that the town was so varied ethnically.  They believe strongly in supporting local businesses and deal almost exclusively with Teaneck merchants.

Debby and Tony Schwab

Actors turned bakers, the Schwabs moved to our community because ( and not necessarily in order) "it is close to the bridge, it is a gorgeous community, the prices were right, the people are conscientious about their school system and their government, and we liked the preponderance of people in the arts and teachers who lived in town.

Debby and Tony were both actors, often struggling ones.  One fateful day in 1980 Debby baked a cake that make quite a hit with friends.  She began to bring it around to neighborhood stores and history was made.  They are now firmly entrenched in a wholesale bakery business, which distributes snack fruit cakes in the metropolitan area.

Just as this is not a "bedroom community" to New York City, it is not a "stepping stone" community, where the starter home is here, then it's on to bigger and better things.  Teaneck residents, by and large, stay here, sometimes through three homes (small, larger, smaller).  That's about as positive a statement you can make about a place!

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