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Borough of Bergen, Township of Teaneck, Enumeration made by Daniel G. Bogert, assessor

* Native Born:  A=White Males; B=White Females; C=Colored Males; D=Colored Females
Foreign Born: A=Males, Irish; B=Females, Irish; C=Males, German; D=Females, German; E=Males, all other nationalities; F=Females, all other nationalities.
Age of Male by Classes: A=5 Years of age and under; B=5 to 20; C=20 to 60; D=Over 60.
Age of Female by Classes: A=5 Years of age and under; B=5 to 20; C=20 to 60; D=Over 60.

Dwelling Houses, numbered in order of visitation Families, numbered in order of visitation No. of Name of Persons * Native Born
** Foreign Born *** Age of Male by Classes **** Age of Female by Classes Remarks
11 11 56 Christian Bruker   E C    
    57 Christian Bruker Jr. A   C    
    58 Peter Bruker A   B    
    59 Annie Bruker B     B  
    60 Philip Bruker A   B    
    61 Bertha Bruker B     B  
12 12 62 Jacob Bruker A   C    
    63 Madge Bruker B     C  
    64 Jacob Bruker A   B    
    65 Julia Bruker B     A  
13 13 66 Gustave Wolff   C C    
    67 Henrietta Wolff   D   C  
    68 Marie Wolff B     B  
    69 Louise Wolff B     C  
    70 Harry Wolff A   B    
    71 Willie Wolff A   B    
    72 Eddie Wolff A   B    
    73 Arthur Wolff A   B    
    74 Evelyn Wolff B     B  
14 14 75 Willian Hepser   C C    
    76 Annie Hepser   B   C  
    77 Patrick Hepser A   B    
    78 Willie Hepser A   B    
    79 Mary Hepser B     B  
15 15 80 John H. Brower A   C    
    81 Louisa H. Brower B     C  
    82 William H. Brower A   B    
    83 Jessie Brower B     B  

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