From Press Journal, April 16, 1981

Teaneck Corps Men Win Life Memberships

Life membership status has been awarded to six members of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps whose total service adds up to more than 73 years. 

The new life members are Paul Ostrow, Stuart Ostrow, Gerrard Rohrbeck, Martin E. Bank, Patrolman Sheridan Ogden and Patrolman Philip LaVigne. All are relatively young, since each joined the ambulance corps when he was in his teens.  Together, they have answered more than 11,000 calls for assistance.

Engraved gold badges signifying service of more than 10 years were presented to them by Mayor Frank Hall at a meeting of the Township Council.

libe members
New Life Members of Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps with Mayor Frank Hall after presentation of badges.  Left to right: Martin E. Bank, Paul Ostrow, Patrolman Sheridan Ogden, Gerrard Rohrbeck, Mayor Hall, Patrolman Philip LaVigne and Stuart Ostrow.
--photo by Roy Spierer

Life Membership literally means that the recipients will remain full members of the corps even after their active participation ceases.  It is an honor which acknowledges unusual service to the people of Teaneck.  The gold badge is a traditional symbol and it is usually displayed on a plaque.

Recognizing that changes in business and family obligations often curtail members' activities, the ambulance corps recently voted to honor life member after 10 years of service.  Previously, there were only 14 life members in 41 years.

During the presentation, the mayor asked for moment of silence in memory of David Musicant, a founder of the corps and a Life Member, for whom funeral services had been conducted that day.  His son, Arthur, is also a life member. 

Two of the new life members are also Teaneck police officers.

Patrolman Sheridan Ogden has been in the corps for more than 11 years, had made more than 1,500 calls and has served as a trustee.  Married with one child, he is a Teaneck native, a graduate of Teaneck High School and was president of his class at the Bergen County Police Academy.

Patrolman Philip LaVigne, who has served as a lieutenant, is a graduate a Bergen Vocational and Technical High School.  In more than 10 years he has made more than 1,500 calls and has delivered two babies. 

Paul Ostrow, a life-long Teaneck resident, is a graduate of Teaneck High School, the University of Pittsburgh and Fairleigh Dickinson University.  His is in business in New York and is married to the former Ricki Glassen, a Teaneck teacher.  They have a son.  He is a veteran of 13 years of service and 2,200 calls.

His brother, Stuart Ostrow, is a graduate of Teaneck High School and Fairleigh Dickinson and is a health officer in Mahwah.  In 12 years he has made 2,100 calls.  Both Stuart and Paul Ostrow have been officers in the corps.

Martin E. Bank, a merchandising executive at K-Mart Stores, has held officerships including the posts of captain and vice-president.  He is a Teaneck High School and Fairleigh Dickinson graduate with 13 years of service and more than 2,200 calls.

Gerrard Rohrbeck is also a Teaneck and Fairleigh Dickinson graduate.  He is married and has one child, and has more than 13 years of service and 1,500 calls.  Together with Stuart Ostrow and Philip LaVigne, he started the program of having members sleep in the ambulance quarters to speed up response time at night.

The Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance is staffed entirely by non-paid personnel and provides the only emergency medical service in the Teaneck, 24 hours a day.  Last year, the corps answered 2,900 calls for assistance.


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