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Teaneck's Landmark (cont'd)

The business of the day school continued during all these years, and finally required the use of both:doors of the School House. William Walter Phelps gave the land for the present Presbyterian church, and he, Mr. Marvin Coe, and Captain L. DeRonde, by contributions of $200 apiece, started a fund which resulted in the construction of the new church. It is now thirty-five years since Sunday School was held In the V. F. W. Building.

It is worth noting that in those days but fifty families resided in Teaneck. It was rather a drab place, from all accounts, but while the fun and jollity seemed to settle in the neighboring towns of Hackensack and Englewood, there was much wholesome enjoyment in the outdoor life of those days in Teaneck.

Austin A. Hover was the schoolmaster during many, many years. He too, lived in the house on Teaneck Road now owned by the Square Club. His name is still associated with educational work in this section, as his daughter Lillian is now principal of the Franklin School in Englewood.

One night George and Louis Coe walked past the building at midnight, and detecting a flickering light, entered the old schoolhouse. George Coe was a fearless fellow, and without hesitation he walked into the schoolroom on the lower floor. To the right there was a raised dais where the teacher presided, and on this platform a dark figure of a man was seen, with the lid of the desk raised. Without warning a bullet song through the air, and caught George Coe in the eyebrow. Many residents of the Town who knew Mr. Coe until his death a few years ago, will recall this sear, although a few knew its history. This assailant escaped through the window in the room now used as a kitchen by the veterans. Before be got away, however, a second shot entered George Coe's stomach, as the burglar stood on the ground outside the window.