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Teaneck's Landmark (cont'd)

Further light is shed on the origin of the building by Mr. J. H. Ackerman of 1474 Teaneck Road, West Englewood, who wrote as follows February 25th, 1930:

"I thank you for the invitation to be present at the dedication of your post headquarters and clubhouse, and regret my inability to be present on the 22nd.

"My rather indifferent condition of health compels me to forego all social functions, and I am pleased that the younger men who have grown up here, together with the new men who have come in, see fit to carry on.

"This building was erected in 1869.

"Mr. Samuel B. Bogert was paid $25 for drawing the plans in January, 1869.

"Mr. Arthur D. Bogart, a builder doing business in Englewood, erected the building. The contract price was $3,150. The total cost including all extras was $3,257.65.

"These men were both Teaneck boys, the homestead of the first being where Amsterdam Avenue now is, and of the other, where Franklin Road is located."

Captain Frank DeRonde was one of the boys who went to school in our old building. In 1869, he says, there was but one school in Teaneck--a tiny house at Fort Lee and Teaneck Road. This had been in operation some fifteen or twenty years, and the average registered attendance was perhaps 8 or 10 pupils.