To The Honorable Township Council of Teaneck, N. J.

Gentlemen: --

On September 1, 1931, your honorable body adopted an ordinance (No. 625) pursuant to the provision of Chapter 235 of the Laws of New Jersey 1930, establishing a Township Planning Board of nine members empowered, among other things, to prepare an official map and a master plan for the future development of the community, to assume control over the subdivision and platting of land within the Township, and to report on such matters as you might refer to the Planning Board.

The personnel of the Planning Board was appointed October 20, 1931, but it was not until March 15 of the following year that the Board was placed in position to begin its studies on a comprehensive basis, at which time the services of the Technical Advisory Corporation of New York were engaged, with your authority, as the engineers and planning consultants to the Board. Acting for the Board, that organization has made exhaustive surveys and studies of Teaneck and of all the factors and conditions considered pertinent to community planning, besides having prepared many maps, drawings, records, and compilations for the consideration of the Board. Since that time the Board has had the constant advice and guidance of Mr. Campbell Scott, the president of the advisory organization.

Pursuant to your authority the Planning Board has adopted very carefully worked out rules and regulations governing land subdivision and platting and has passed on several subdivision plats. These rules in printed form are available to persons interested.

On the recommendation of this Board you have already adopted as the temporary Official Map of the Township a map prepared by the Board's engineers from the tax maps as an interim expedient.

The Planning Board now has the pleasure of submitting to you herewith a revised Official Map, based upon a newly drawn base map, as revised to September 8, 1932, and approved by the Planning Board. It is respectfully recommended that this revised Official Map be formally adopted, after public hearing and through a Council ordinance, as the Official Map of Teaneck.

There is also presented herewith a Master Plan of Teaneck which has been formally adopted by the Planning Board as provided by statute. In the preparation of the Master Plan it has been the endeavor of the Board and its consultants to anticipate the probable principal needs of the Township during at least the next twenty years with respect to new and extended streets, parks, playgrounds, public building sites, bridges, etc. It is not the expectation of this Board that recommended improvements involving considerable expenditure of public funds shall be undertaken until the municipality is in position to finance them without placing an onerous burden of expense on the taxpayers. (See Chapters 4 and 5.)

There is appended hereto a detailed report on the studies, findings, and recommendations of the Planning Board which includes an explanation of the Official Map and of the Master Plan, together with a tentative program of execution and suggestions for its financing. It is the earnest desire of the Board that this entire report, constituting the Teaneck Plan, shall receive your careful study and consideration, for it is believed that the conscientious carrying out of the Teaneck Plan will result in the building up of a populous community of which the present and coming generations may be justifiably proud.

While it is desired and requested that the Official Map, as revised, be adopted by ordinance, it is not requested that you adopt the whole Master Plan by ordinance, since it has been formally adopted by the Planning Board as provided by the planning law. The reason for this is that the Board, while using the Master Plan as a guide in its future activities, may find it advisable to make certain revisions and additions from time to time. In order that the Board may be enabled to learn of the attitude of the Township Council respecting the Master Plan and its execution, however, it is suggested and hoped that the Council will adopt a suitable resolution indicating that the Master Plan will be followed at least as a guide in making such future public improvements as are embraced herein. It is also hoped that the various other recommendations embraced in the Teaneck Plan will be followed.

The meetings of the Planning Board have always been open to the public and many interested citizens have presented their views at various times. These have always been carefully considered.

The Planning Board has also caused to be printed in the various publications in circulation in the Township articles which would show in a general way what it proposes to do. It has held one public meeting at which its consultant was the principal speaker and to which not only the public but representative citizens on various advisory boards and civic societies were invited, as well as the Council itself. Everything possible has been done to inform the public as the Planning Board progressed with its program.

In order that the public spirited citizens of Teaneck may be fully acquainted with the Teaneck Plan and be able to support its aims, it is intended that this entire report, with reproductions of the various maps and plans, will be printed and distributed to those interested.

Respectfully submitted,


M. G. VOTEE, Chairman.



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