Realizing that any project of the magnitude of the Teaneck Plan cannot be carried out unless its various parts are completed in accordance with some schedule, the Board has prepared a tentative and suggestive program covering the more important phases. This program has been arranged in five-year periods to allow of a certain amount of elasticity.

The Board is cognizant of the still-enduring world-wide economic depression and of the impossibility of predicting accurately its termination. Neither can it say accurately how rapidly Teaneck will grow and be able to execute the Plan. The program is offered, therefore, not as a fixed schedule but as a flexible guide subject to revision from time to time as conditions change and needs arise. It is the intention of the Board to review the Plan and what has been accomplished thereunder annually and to submit appropriate recommendations to the Township Council concerning revision.


The Board has already recommended, in Chapter 3 of this report, certain steps which may be taken at once by the municipal government and these should be included as a part of the work to be accomplished during the first period. There are certain other parts of the Plan which should also be completed in this period.

They are as follows:

1. The Council, immediately upon the adoption of the Official Map by ordinance, should notify the County Clerk of the adoption of a revised Official Map by the Township of Teaneck; such notification to be accompanied by a certified copy of the ordinance.

2. The municipal government should urge upon all affected land owners the gift and dedication to the Township of as much of the lands as can be thus obtained which are shown upon the Official Map as required for street, park, or playground purposes.

3. The municipal government should endeavor to promote action by the County and State with respect to the development for park purposes of those areas within the Township now owned by the County and State as shown on the Official Map and Master Plan.

4. The County government should be urged to take the necessary steps immediately for the widening and improvement of Teaneck Road so that by the end of five years there will have been completed a uniformly paved roadway at least thirty-six feet wide.

5. The Township to acquire the site (S-16) immediately adjacent to the Town Hall site.

6. The Township to enlarge the present Town Hall and Library.

7. The Township to construct suitable headquarters for the accommodation of the police and fire departments at the Civic Center, selling the present fire headquarters property.

8. The Township to acquire site S-17 and thereon construct a municipal swimming pool and bath houses and develop adequate vehicle parking places. A loan for this purpose might be procured under the terms of the National Recovery Act and might be made self-liquidating through the imposition of reasonable fees.

9. In case the Township may not have received gift deeds thereto, the municipal government should take the necessary steps for the purchase of all of the areas set aside on the Official Map for development as municipal parks, playgrounds, park strips, parking places, and other public open spaces.

10. The municipal government should acquire title to the property (S-28) on South John Street now occupied by the No. 2 pump station.


1. The municipal government should have plans prepared by a landscape architect for the development of all municipal parks, playgrounds, etc., shown on the Official Map.

2. The Township should make suitable appropriations for the park board to develop a park and playground on site S-14; a park and playground on site S-12; a park and playground on site S-22; and a park and playground on site S-20. Development of the athletic field, park, and playground on site S-6 should also be begun.

3. The Township should complete the new public library in park site S-23.

4. The Township should construct the new bridge over the West Shore Railroad connecting Grayson Place and Sagamore Avenue, and take such steps as may be necessary to complete the new major thoroughfare extending from River Road to Glenwood Avenue, including Sagamore Avenue, Grayson Place, and Midwood Road, as shown on the Official Map.

5. The municipal government should take the necessary steps for the widening of certain parts of Queen Anne Road, Irving Street, and, Tryon Avenue, thus completing a major thoroughfare extending from the Bogota line to the Englewood line, as shown on the Official Map.

6. The municipal government should urge upon the County the improvement of Cedar Lane from Teaneck Road to the Englewood line, with a roadway of at least forty feet and preferably sixty feet.


1. The municipal government to construct three new bridges over the West Shore Railroad: connecting Vandelinda Avenue and Kipp Street, connecting the east and west parts of Forest Avenue, and connecting Tryon Avenue and Winthrop Road; also taking such action as may be necessary for the completion of the three new through thoroughfares, as shown on the Official Map, of which these bridges are the connecting links. At the same time the Board of Freeholders should be urged to construct a bridge over the Hackensack River at the west end of Kipp Street extended.

2. The municipal government should provide funds and authorization whereby the park board may substantially complete the development of the park and playground system as shown on the Official Map.

3. The municipal government should construct an incinerator plant for the destruction of garbage and combustible refuse on a site within the disposal plant area lying east of Glenwood Avenue and south of Cedar Lane, as shown on the Master Plan.


1. The municipal government should take such action as may be necessary to complete the major thoroughfare system as shown on the Official Map; and should complete the development of any incomplete municipal parks and playgrounds.

2. In case by this time any of the Township's disposal plants shall have been abandoned, the development of those areas into municipal parks should be begun.

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