Planning a tradition in Teaneck.  From the time of Township's first Master Plan was adopted in 1932 down to the present day, the fruits of planning are exemplified in the prevention of intense urbanization in the community, the sizable park system Teaneck enjoys, protection of route 4 from business encroachment, the relative lack of incompatible uses intermixed with the neighborhoods and their outstand public buildings.

But, planning is a continuous process and must be renewed from time to time.  Teaneck must plan to maintain an  dimprove its image against the emerging social and economic pressures in the region around it.  We have just completed the technical phase of our planning, in which professional skills were used to assess our problems and propose solutions.  in the legislative phase, proposals, will be brought before the citizens and their elected representatives for review, discussion and adoption.  In the executive phase, policy decisions will be translated into action by agencies of the Township government and private groups.

Alert citizens, once informed usually choose planning as the shortest and most economical route to the goals they share.  Teaneck's citizens, by supporting the preparation of this General Development Plan, have already demonstrated that they are concerns for the future.  May their continuing support of the Plan show that they are now, also, informed.


Respectfully submitted,

Clarence Brett, Chairman
Teaneck Planning Board


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