In the process of preparing the Plan, the Planning Board has formulated a number of development policies expressing the underlying goals of the Plan.  These recommended development policies are presented here to place the contents of this report in a meaningful perspective.

The image of Teaneck as a relatively low density residential community with a high level of public services should be preserved.

The physical, social and economic aspects of multi-family housing should be recognized as a favorable factor upon the future of Teaneck, so long as the predominant characteristic of one-family dwelling units remains intact.

The maintenance and, where necessary, the improvement of the community appearance, with a view toward making Teaneck a still more desirable place in which to live.

The economic base of the Township should be strengthened and broadened, especially in the area of commercial and industrial activity.

The two major natural assets in the Township, the Hackensack River and the Overpeck Creek area should be recognized as an intrinsic part of the Township's composition as well as the County's and their early development urged.


The proposed General Development Plan for Teaneck is long-range, comprehensive and general.

Long-range planning is necessary because physical improvements usually require considerable time to program and accomplish, especially in a community as intensively developed as Teaneck.  Such improvements must take into account not only existing conditions, but future needs as well.  The desired results are accomplished by the cumulative effect of day-to-day decision related to long-range goals.

Comprehensive planning is necessary because all the parts of the Plan are interdependent.  The functional relationships between land use, types of structures, population density and public facilities and services must be studied, understood and respected.

General planning is necessary since the Plan is fundamentally a policy statement intended for use as a guide in making decision on specific details.  In order to be consistent, decisions on details must be viewed from the perspective of general policy.  With the Plan looking forward to two decades, however, development policy must be kept current in order to adjust to changing conditions and unforeseen events.

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