The Proposed School Budget 1943-1944
for The Township of Teaneck, New Jersey  



With our nation at war, the uncertainties of the future make planning a budget most difficult.

There is one certainty, however. We are fighting for our way of life. We want our children to inherit this way of life. We want them to grow into strong Americans and to become good citizens so that they may reject any future doctrines considered perilous to our institutions and traditions.

Consequently, our educational system now assumes greater importance than ever bef6re, since teaching our children true Americanism is the obligation of the public school. This requires good teachers who have the respect and confidence of our children. The permanency of a good teaching staff becomes difficult when the income for teachers fails to anticipate the rising cost of living.

Therefore, our proposed budget contemplates increments in the salaries of the teachers. The interests of the already overburdened taxpayer have been respected in that costs for other budget items have been curtailed. However, the necessity for maintaining a strong educational system requires the overall budget to be in excess of that of the previous year.

Your attention is drawn to several innovations in this year's budget pamphlet.

An additional column for actual cash disbursements of the previous year has been included in the detailed budget arrangement. This, together with the present and proposed budget, may assist the taxpayer in making comparisons. Since the school fiscal year ends June 30, 1943, actual cash disbursements for this year are not yet available.

The detailed budget has been arranged with sub-totals that are readily reconciled with the total amounts to be voted upon. 

A series of explanatory notes follow the detailed budget in anticipation of questions most likely to develop in the taxpayer's mind.

A statement of the school bonded indebtedness has been included solely for its informative value.

The report of the auditor's examination as of December 24, 1942 is presented, as required by law.

Your attention is drawn to the public hearing on the budget. to be held in the High School at 8 P.M. on January 27, 1943.


January 13, 1943



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