Is my son or daughter receiving a thorough and high standard of instruction in our schools?

We make use of a wide variety of the best standardized examinations available to check upon the achievement of our students. These examinations cover the academic information and knowledge of all school subjects. The results are studied in relation to the individual, to classes, to grades, and to the entire school system.

Our testing program is a very important contributing factor to the school system. Through its services in the high school, for example, your boys and girls are placed in the school environment where a proper challenge can be made to their ability, where they can use to best advantage their social personalities and past achievement, and where their special aptitudes can be given adequate attention. Whenever a student evidences some special difficulty or handicap in learning--for example, in reading, in writing, or in social adjustment, a special clinical examination is given him. We also conduct special periodic surveys which aid teachers in the diagnosis of particular difficulties and in the application of remedial treatment.



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