What is teacher tenure?

Briefly, this means job security. Under the law of the State of New Jersey most public employees are, after certain length of service, subject to dismissal only when formal charges have been made and after the charges have been Investigated and found true.

Teachers are protected in the tenure of their position after "The expiration of a period of employment of three consecutive years" in a particular school district.

A Board of Education is prevented by law from adopting a policy of "hiring and firing" as is done in business. Changes in public bodies might lead to changes in employees if they did not enjoy the protection of tenure--in fact, that very condition led to the adoption of the tenure law.


How are teachers employed?

It has been the policy of the school administration of Teaneck to employ the most competent teachers that could be secured for the money available. The inevitable result is that we must engage a considerable proportion of new teachers with little or no actual experience. In following this course, we endeavor to employ as many residents of Teaneck where their qualifications, both personal and professional, equal or are superior to those of outsiders.


What is the policy of the Board of Education concerning married women teachers?

Some twenty years ago when the tenure of office act was adopted most school teachers retired from the service after they married and this question, which has been discussed very frequently in recent years and with considerable vehemence during the depression, was not in itself a problem. While business concerns may formulate their own policy in this matter, the Board of Education has no choice. It must observe the State tenure of office act.


How are substitutes for regular teachers secured?

Whenever a teacher is granted a leave of absence by the Board of Education, her successor is selected and employed in the same manner as a new teacher. Unexpected absences, due to illness or other causes, are handled by the Supervising Principal, on an emergency basis, through the service of substitutes previously listed at the Central Office. Teachers unable to report for duty on a particular day call the Supervising Principal's secretary. The secretary then refers to her list of substitutes and selects one with qualifications for the position. She then telephones that individual to report for work. If the person in question cannot be reached, or does not wish to serve, another name is selected and the process repeated until a substitute is found.

Why do some substitutes have an opportunity to teach a greater number of days in a school year than others?

As it works out, the one who accepts the vacant position may hold it for a day, two days, or even a month, depending upon the length of time of the absence. It is obviously impossible to pro-rate equally the days of substitute teaching among those on the list because it is never known when a vacancy is filled how long it will last.

What are the requirements for substitutes?

Substitutes must possess either a New Jersey teacher's certificate, or hold a letter of eligibility from the State Department of Public Instruction. Local substitutes and internes are given priority of preference.

What is an interne?

Individuals having a New Jersey teaching certificate, but who have not acquired a regular position, have the privilege of serving in our schools for a period of one month or more without remuneration. Persons selected as internes are assigned to a particular member of the faculty, and are trained and observed for proficiency in their chosen field of work.

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