Are Teaneck High School graduates successful in college?

Here are some of the institutions in which our students have won academic distinction:

Brown University Stevens Institute of Technology
Mass. Institute of Technology Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rutgers University Colgate University
University of Pennsylvania New York University
Amherst College Williams College
Holy Cross University Columbia University
Syracuse University University of North Carolina

Here are some of the institutions where our students have won scholarships:

New Jersey College of Women Syracuse University
Depauw University Georgia Technical School
New York University Rutgers University

Here is a partial list of institutions in which our students have entered without examinations:

Stanford University Barnard College John Hopkins University
Wellesley College New York University Fordham University
Stevens Institute Rutgers University Villanova College
William & Mary College Drew University George Washington University
Williams College Temple University Colby College
Syracuse University  Univ. of  New Hampshire Manhattan College
Pratt Institute Wheaton College Colgate University
Conn. College for Women Dartmouth College Maryland College for Women
DePauw University Univ. of Chicago Kirkville College of Osteopathy
Long Island University Purdue University University of Alabama
Lehigh University Dana College Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.
Russell Sage College Oberlin College New Rochelle College
University of Maryland College of City of N. Y. College of St. Elizabeth
Teachers Coll., Jersey City Pasadena Junior College Alabama Technical
Teachers Coll., Paterson University of Kansas Muhlenburg College
Teachers Coll., Trenton Clarkson College Wesleyan University
Teachers Coll., Montclair Westmoorland College Louisiana State University
Teachers Coll., Glassboro Ursinus College University of North Carolina
Southern Seminary Pace Institute Simmons College
Michigan State College Beaver College N. J. College for Women
University of Minnesota Hunter College Columbia University
Cornell University

College Reports from all of our graduates are received by the Middle Atlantic State Association; unless their record is satisfactory, our high school would be dropped from the Accrediting List.  While the State Department of Education requires by 72 units for graduation, our high school requires 80 units, excluding physical education.

What is the record of our graduates not attending college?

Our high school was open for student enrollment in February, 1929.  the first class was graduated in June, 1931.  Figures in the tabulation below include the class which was graduated the previous June.  For example, the 1937 calculation is a report on the class which was graduated last June.

Percentage Distribution of our High School Graduates as of October Following Their Graduation

Class In Schools Employed Unemployed Other Pursuits
1931 48.6 6.9 27.5 16.6
1932 53.0 16.8 17.7 12.4
1933 38.0 26.9 34.5 0.6
1934 44.6 20.9 25.0 8.5
1935 40.8 30.7 22.6 4.3
1936 46.0 32.4 14.6 6.2
1937 41.0 42.0 14.8 2.1

The percentage employed indicates those who have entered office positions, trades, stores, and miscellaneous occupations.  It is encouraging to note that unemployment is no longer a major problem among our high school graduates.  In the year 1931, only 6.9% of our graduates were able to go directly from high school to employment, while in 1937 42% have found employment before October 15th.  It seems fair to assume that additional members of the class have been employed since that date.  The leading employment for the graduating class of 1937 was office work, which attracted 27.1% of our graduates.  Guidance and placement of graduates is definitely a function of our high school, and registration forms are sent to all students unemployed with the thought of having on file a list of those students whose services we might offer to employers.  It is our experience that not all of the unemployed are interested in employment because of home conditions and other interests.



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