Is it an approved and accredited secondary school? YES!

Approved by the New Jersey State Department of Public Instruction; and accredited by the Middle Atlantic States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

How is State approval granted?

State approval in New Jersey is received after a careful inspection is made of the school's physical plant as well as a review of the courses of study, program of activities, and teacher qualifications. The approval of a high school in the State of New Jersey must be renewed biennially. 

What are the requirements for accrediting?

Since 1934, Teaneck High School has been accredited by the Middle Atlantic States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. To receive the accrediting of that organization it is necessary for a school to meet their standards in the following respects:

  1. Organization and administration
  2. Preparation of teachers
  3. Teaching load
  4. Program of studies
  5. Physical equipment

The approval of the State Department of Public Instruction and the accrediting by the Middle Atlantic States Association are all the recognition that secondary schools, private or public, may obtain in the eastern part of the United States.

What does accrediting mean to our graduates?

The approval and accrediting permit a high school to extend to its graduates the privilege of certification. In other words, students entering college on certification are not required to take entrance examinations, but must be certified by our principal. It should be understood, that there are still a small number of colleges that require entrance examinations of all students. These entrance examinations are required of students coming from all private preparatory schools as well as from all public high schools. 


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