What is the policy concerning homework?

In the elementary grades the program is so organized that preparation for the recitation can be done in school. Experimental evidence indicates that the disadvantages of homework in the elementary grades, particularly from the standpoint of health, appear to outweigh the advantages in general; and, therefore, when homework is attempted in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, it is restricted to short assignments of a recreational nature.

In the Junior High School students are required to assume a maximum of one hour of homework. Students taking extra subjects are obliged to give additional time to meet the homework requirements.

In the Senior High School students are required to assume a maximum of two hours of homework. The study habits which a student will acquire while preparing work at home will better assist him in meeting college standards and in maintaining a satisfactory grade in any advanced educational work. The assignments are of a nature that can be readily carried on in the home without serious inconvenience to either parents or students.

When homework is assigned in the High School student are instructed to ask teachers for additional help, if necessary, so that a clear understanding may be had concerning the assignments. At home a suitable time and place should be arranged to assure freedom from such distractions as the radio, conversations, or other conflicting interests.


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