Special Class

The word "special" means that some children require a different type of instruction than that of regular school work in order to fit them to become a part of the community in which they live. Such a class is established within the school system at Emerson School. Children who are in need of a more highly individualized type of training are withdrawn from the regular classroom and entered in this class. By virtue of the small number of children permitted in this class, individual differences can be properly trained and a course of study planned to fit each child's needs. Whenever a child has gained sufficiently from this type of instruction to profit from regular classroom work the child is re-entered :in the regular class of the school that he would ordinarily attend. Besides giving a child a greater opportunity to excel in his specialty, such instruction enables him to build within himself a confidence of success rather than failure. Free transportation is provided for all "special" class children who reside 11/2 miles or more from Emerson School. A specially trained teacher is in charge of this group and has the necessary attribute of a sympathetic understanding which enables her to give each child the greatest possibility of maximum development.

Home Instruction

All children who are physically handicapped and therefore unable to attend the public school classes, are given instruction at home by a visiting teacher, provided by the Board of Education; who plans the work to meet the needs and strength of the child. Such individual home instruction is continued until the child has either completed the public school curriculum within the age limit of 20 years; or is enabled to return to a regular classroom situation.


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