What is meant by guidance and how does the Teaneck High School Guidance Program affect the individual student?

Guidance is the attempt to assist the individual to appreciate his own abilities and to derive the greatest benefit from the educational opportunities open to him. It includes assisting him in making an intelligent choice of an occupation, preparing for it, entering and making progress in it.

In Teaneck High School the counselors in charge of guidance confer with the students whenever it seems advisable, at the request of parents, faculty members, or the student himself. A careful study is made of the individual's choice of curriculum to determine the advisability of such a course in view of his future plans. Results of exploratory courses and tests are used as a basis to ascertain the student's aptitudes and abilities.

The Guidance Department has sponsored annual conferences at which students have an opportunity to consult representatives of various colleges and vocations. In this way our students may receive information pertaining to college entrance requirements, opportunities for self-help, the advisability of entering and following a chosen vocation.

In a recent report issued by Rutgers University entitled, "Guidance Practice in New Jersey," the following statement is made: "Educational and vocational choices and decisions must be made and preparation and assistance should be provided for boys and girls as they are forced by their situations to make them."

Teaneck High School is one of the schools providing the necessary preparation and assistance through its Guidance Program; and it is important that student, teacher, and parent alike should take counsel frequently to avoid misunderstandings and to derive the maximum benefit from this service.


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