Would you like to save several thousand dollars every year?  Well, that is what the Teaneck Board of Education is doing for the taxpayers as a result of a survey and a decision in 1931.

After a thorough study of the fuel problem, it was decided to improve the heating plants by installing special grates and  blowers, so we could use small size coal.  The change cost about $3,000.  The saving the lower price of rice coal paid for the equipment the very first year.  Annually, thereafter, we saved from $3,000 to $3,500.

Until two years ago we received bids for coal at so much per ton and awarded the contract to the lowest bidder.  Then we might get good, bad or indifferent coal, but there was no adjustment of the price.  Now we purchase coal on the B. T. U. (British Thermal Unit) plan.  That means, in brief, that we pay for the heat value of the coal rather than for its weight alone. 

The price of the low bidder is based up the heat producing quality of the coal as shown by laboratory tests of samples of each shipment, an arrangement fair alike to buyer and seller.  While no such economies are achieved as through the change from large to small size of coal, yet the B. T. U. method does same money.


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