The part it plays in the Teaneck High School

Lunch for 1,500 students? Yes, the school cafeteria provides that every day and also for 90 teachers as well.

The plan on which our cafeteria operates provides that all operating expenses, such as wages, auditing fees, cost of supplies, minor items of equipment and replacements, cleaning and maintaining the kitchen as well as the two main cafeteria sections and the faculty dining room, will be defrayed by the receipts from the cafeteria sales. The salary of the manager is included in the regular budget since her services are given to all students. The cafeteria serves as an important educational unit in the school. The cafeteria sections are used as study halls throughout the day, for extra-curricular activities by the students after school, and for social gatherings by the parents in the evenings.

The school cafeteria of today plays a vital part in the life of each student in that it provides a nourishing noon meal to the student desiring to purchase his lunch. To the student carrying his lunch from home, it provides an atmosphere conducive to comfort and sociability and the opportunity to supplement his lunch from home with a beverage or a warm dish.

Portions are generous, prices are low, and the variety is wide. Individual attention is given to each student desiring or requiring help in choosing his lunch. The food purchased is of the highest quality and is prepared under sanitary conditions. Each meal is carefully planned so as to include the adequate amounts of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats necessary for the growth of the adolescent child. In addition, the surroundings are conducive to proper digestion. The atmosphere of the dining rooms is in keeping with that of the classrooms. The windows are cheery with bright colored draperies, light is plentiful and the rooms are kept orderly and attractive with the help of our faculty. Yet freedom is permitted so that the student may relax and enjoy the company of his friends.

Thus it may be seen that the cafeteria supplements, in numerous ways, the career of each student attending Teaneck High School.


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