Does the Board of Education own an airplane?

All cost of actual flight instruction is paid for by students taking this work. They pay for the cost of operating the plane, which was purchased and is owned by the instructor of the class.

Our course of study in aviation covers two years of school work (one class period per day)--including classroom work in theoretical and practical aerodynamics, engineering, mathematics (with slide rule), aircraft structure, meteorology, navigation, theory and practice of power plant operation; and field experience in simple surveying, navigational problems, and astronomical observation.

Persons unfamiliar with our aviation course believe this is a costly and unnecessary part of school expense. In reality it is not expensive. On the basis of utility and service for students who are planning for a definite occupation in this rapidly growing business of American life, it has more than proved its worth. If we had no aviation course the students would be pursuing studies in the same or similar subjects.

The flight instruction which is carried to the point of government license as airplane pilots is conducted after school hours at the expense of the students.

Some statements of accomplishment for the three years of operation are:

  1. 300,000 miles have been flown.

  2. 32,500 landings and take-offs have been made with students at the controls.

  3. Never an accident to plane or student.

  4. Three students now actively engaged in the aviation industry.

  5. Eight students now in colleges where they are all in the upper one-third of their classes in Aeronautical Engineering.

  6. Ten students now have their government licenses as pilots.

  7. All cost of flight has been borne by the students.

  8. Such engineering schools and colleges as Boeing School of Aeronautics, New York University, and others have recognized and recommended the aeronautical work of Teaneck High School students.


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