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Audio recording of the interview with Mrs. Williford

Mrs. Alma (Roscoe) Williford

(Interview taped 10/19/1970)

I came to Teaneck on Sept. 24, 1930 -- Just a little over 40 years ago. I came from Anderson, S. C. and have always lived in the same house. My husband's mother owned it.  She had lived there three years when we came.  Her children--she had 13 and raised 10-- included Eliza Stover, Geneva Wilson.

There are only three houses in our neighborhood that were not there when we came. The Rev. Ed Pearson's son built a nice house on Lorraine at Rosemont. Mr. and Mrs. Powell had a large house on Forest Ave and built a new one for themselves. The Rev. J. M. Wilson and Wilbur Morman had nice gardens, grew vegetables and flowers.

My sons, Roscoe Jr. and James, went to Washington Irving school and then to Junior high school in the high school building,, They finished Teaneck high, Roscoe went to Fairleigh Dickinson in Rutherford, James Henry attended Bergen Junior College after working a year. When it merged with F.D.U. near the end of his first semester.  He was drafted near the end of his senior year and served in Germany.  Today Roscoe has a dump track business and hauls sand and gravel.  James is with the Progressive Life Insurance Co. He belonged to Boy Scout Troop 93.

I took a practical nursing course in 1948. 1 worked first at Barnert Hospital in Paterson--five years. Then five years at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood and then 10 years at Holy Name Hospital in the nursery. In the other hospitals I was in medical and surgical. I am now retired.

Holy Name hospital has changed a great deal since I came here.  Now they have a special way of taking care of kidney cases and have isolates for premature babies. There have been so many improvements,

I have always liked Teaneck.  It used to be like a small town where you could know most everybody. The town has grown a great deal since 1930.  I remember when they built Route 4 and the George Washington Bridge.

I got to know most of the people. When the boys were in school I went to PTA, parents' night at the High School and functions at Fairleigh Dickinson. My husband Roscoe used to go on Father and son hikes with Troop 93 when Mr. Stahl was scoutmaster.

We shopped mainly in Englewood. Sometimes on West Englewood Ave. or Hackensack . There were no stores on the highway. Where the Grand Onion is in Fair Lawn used to be a big golf course. Up Teaneck Road where the Armory is was all open.

My sister-in-law Geneva has a nice catering business on South Dean Street in Englewood. She started out on Van Brunt., but now have a nice building.

I go to the First Baptist Church in Englewood, transferred my membership from South Carolina. It used to be on Williams Street.  About 4 years ago we built a new church on Englewood Ave. The Rev. J. Isaiah Goodman is our pastor. He is active in civic affairs. I have three grandsons and a Granddaughter.


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