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Mrs. George Lebeck

(Interview taped 10/15/1970)

The bands were playing and flags were flying when I came to Teaneck in 1913 -- It was 4th of July. That was 57 years ago. We moved into a house on Orchard Street and have been there ever since.

We were active in organizing Christ Episcopal Church that same year. First we met in homes. Leland Ferry used to go around on Sunday morning telling people where the meeting was to be. Mrs. Fairchild Ferry had a Sunday School class in her home. Then a minister from Englewood came on his bike, Leland Ferry wheeled the song books and prayer books in a wheel barrow to where we were going to meet. I sang in the choir and still do.

We built our first church at Rutland and Rugby roads. Mr. Stritzberg from Englewood conducted an afternoon service. After we were going a while we had 300 children in the Sunday School. I took care of the altar.

I was a charter member of the Woman's Club started in Mrs. Lippman's home. I was hospitality chairman after we got started and met in the Lippman's barn. I'd go the day before and make a fire and get things read. The choral met in Mrs. Lippman's home. She was a wonderful accompanist. I always sang in the chorale.

I was also active in organizing the library. We met at Mrs. Caddy's home, sometimes at Mrs. Jordan's. We bought the little slave house where the Gulf station is now. Held bake sales etc. to raise the money. It took a lot to keep it going. Then we sold the property for a nice profit and gave the money to the town to build a library.

One year the town had a baby parade on the 4th of July. My daughter won first prizes, a cup from Tiffany's. Lawson Graffin, the chairman, worked there.

They used to have band concerts in the part by the West Englewood station. They'd practice in a barn on Orchard St--where it was all trees.

Every one used to go to see the Phelps Ruins, The Blue Bird Inn was a popular place. Movie actors from Fort Lee used to come. Helen Jepson belonged to our Woman's Club and used to entertain the Opera Guild in her home. She sing for our 25th anniversary. Wrote me on our 50th anniversary.

When my husband was on the school board they bought the land for the high school and Whittier School.

There weren't many houses in our area. We had an RFD mailbox. A fire gong was at West Englewood Ave. and Teaneck Rd. Used to drive cows across Borden's fields on Longfellow Ave. & Bogert. They had an athletic field. My husband started the Red Devils, they used to have games in Borden's fields and he traveled with the team when they went away.

The Teaneck Club was a great place. They had a bowling allay. Hilliard Lausanne used to set pins for me. Used to have dances every two weeks, One formals one informal. That's where movies started in Teaneck. Mr. Hazelton used to show us good pictures. Everybody always sat in the same place. We brought our children. I never had a baby sitter.

There were no stores. A man from Englewood used to bring bakery goods -- coffee, cake, etc.  We had a vegetable man.  Mr. read from Englewood would com and take grocery orders.  My husband used to bring things like meat from N. Y., he was a truckman with a stationery firm.

I used to do up to 200 jars of fruit and vegetables.  The Phillips farm was along Franklin Road.  He was the tax collector.


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