Fire Department Pictures

The pictures listed here may take a long time to load onto your computer. We apologize for this. It is due to the fact that the original pictures were often in bad condition themselves.

Pictures of Fire Departments:

Cedar Volunteer Fire Department
Hose Company No. 1
Hose Company No. 1, rebuilt
Primitive Fire Trucks
Fire Dept., No. 79
Fire Dept., No. 80
Kenwood Fire Dept.
Fire Department Apparatus -- (many different fire trucks)
The third home of Fire Dept. No. 1
First home of the TVFA

Pictures of People:

Group shot of officers
August Hannibal Jr
Cedar Volunteer (Co. No. 2) group shot
Captain William Lindsay
Comrade Elmer Mabie
Assistant Chief John Wm. Crane
Jas J. Reilly
Joshua McCarthy
K.V. Ridley
Lacey Walker
Francis A. Murray
Roy Scannel
Paul A. Volcker
Welsley R. Falt

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