A Message From The Township Manager

October 4, 1936. 

To the Taxpayers and Residents of Teaneck:

Fire Prevention Week seems a particularly suitable time to bring to the attention of Teaneck citizens, facts, figures, and pictures describing their Fire Department, and the remarkable progress it has made during recent years.

Practically every fire has back of it, an act of carelessness or neglect by someone. The cause may not be proximate, such as the thoughtless disposal of a lighted match; it may be remote, such as insufficient insulation around chimneys or fireplaces. Our Building Department, as well as our Fire Department, is alert to prevent through inspection, any conditions which may be unsafe; but for the best results, the cooperation of every citizen is needed.

I know the personnel of our Fire Department to be trained and able; the apparatus more than complies with the National Board's requirements, and is maintained at great efficiency.

Please inspect our fire stations and equipment, at any time.

Very truly yours,

Township Manager

Fire Prevention - The Keynote

October 4, 1936. 

To the Citizens of Teaneck:

In 1935, the Teaneck Fire Department responded to four hundred twenty-four alarms, the largest number for a single year in the history of the Township. The average for the previous six years was two hundred eighty-five.

Accompanying the rapid growth of Teaneck, there must be expected an increasing call upon every branch of our firemanic service. How are we to keep in step with such prospective added responsibilities, and do so at a minimum of expense to the taxpayers? One way is by our increasing fire prevention inspections; another, is through your active cooperation with our Fire Prevention Bureau. For instance, I recommend that you have your heating plant, fireplace, and electrical wiring checked for possible defects, and guard against overloading them at all times. Also, have your chimney cleaned at least every two years. Teaneck statistics show that with proper attention given to these factors, approximately 56 per cent of dwelling and commercial fires would be prevented.

Respectfully yours,

Deputy Fire Commissioner


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