SOURCE: Yearbook commemorating the 25th anniversary of the New Jersey and New York Volunteer Firemen's Association (1913-1938) held on June 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 1938.

(as described in 1938)

The organization of the Teaneck Fire Department consists of a Deputy Fire Commissioner and Chief, an Assistant Chief, two Captains, four Lieutenants and thirty-two full paid firemen, four fire companies, three of which are manned by paid firemen on duty twenty-four hours per day. The volunteer firemen in these companies are used as second line defense and are only summoned to multiple alarm fires. 

The Glenwood Park Volunteer Firemen retain their status as a complete volunteer company and respond to first alarm fires in their district and also to second alarm -fires in all other parts of the Township.

Headquarters Company, located at Teaneck Road and Fairview Avenue, houses an Emergency Truck, an aerial ladder truck, a pumping engine of 1,000 gallon capacity and the Chief's car. Engine 2, located on Kenwood Place, houses a 750 gallon pumping engine. Company 3, located on Morningside Terrace, houses the Searchlight Wagon and a quadruple combination truck equipped with a 350 gallon pump, a full complement of ladders, booster equipment and 700 feet of hose. Hose Company 4, located at Glenwood Avenue and Railroad Avenue, houses a hose wagon carrying 700 feet of hose and a full booster equipment.

The alarm system consists of two box circuits, one alarm circuit and a manually operated central office. Through arrangements made with the Bell Telephone Company, it is possible to report a fire from either part of the Township without the necessity of giving the telephone number to the operator. By merely saying "Teaneck Fire Department Emergency" the telephone operator connects the person with the Fire Alarm Bureau. Since Teaneck is served by the telephone exchanges in Hackensack and Englewood a great saving of time is effected. A separate telephone is used for the transaction of Department business. A broadcasting amplifying system connects all fire stations, the Chief's residence and the Police Department. This system was installed by the Teaneck Fire Department and was one of the first of its kind to be used in the Fire Service.

A Fire College, held annually since 1932, furnishes instruction to the Teaneck Fire Department and to the firemen of the surrounding municipalities. The completion of the seventh semester, in March of this year, had an average attendance to its eight meetings of one hundred and twenty-five firemen from seventeen towns in Bergen and Rockland Counties.

The Teaneck Exempt Firemen's Association has a membership of exactly 100, a few of whom are still on the active list.

Note: Since the time of this brief historical account, there have been many changes. The Department is no longer manned by volunteers. The number of officers and fire fighters still totals about 100 (according to the 1997 budget), but they perform, in addition to the traditional services always associated with firefighting, a broad ranger of tasks which could never have been predicted in 1938.

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