Carrying out the policy and practice of the Council of the Township of Teaneck providing for the issuance of reviews pertinent to municipal affairs, these pages have been prepared under the supervision of the Township Manager, and constitute a report from him to the residents, and business interests of the Township, so that the taxpayers may receive comprehensive information with respect to the functions and accomplishments of our Department of Public Works.

Through this important municipal division, definite protections and comforts are afforded every resident, visitor, and transient within our boundary lines. Clean, well cared for their fares add to the safety and pleasure of our daily rounds; well flushed sewers, properly operated sewage disposal plants, and supervision over the collection and disposal of garbage and refuse, protect our health. It is, then, appropriate to think of the Department of Public Works as a link in our chain of agencies for public safety, even as are the police, fire, and health departments.

The interest of each member of the Department in his job is recognized. This Job is hard and hazardous, yet seldom spectacular. Compensation insurance rates on public works employees are higher than those paid for police and firemen.

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