In addition to its major duties, the Department handles a variety of assignments and jobs requiring adaptability and ingenuity, the performance of which justifies the appellation to it of "Jack of All Trades." These tasks are numerous, and range from the erection of a band stand or reviewing stand for a public celebration, to the making of a gadget for some special purpose.

Also, this report would be incomplete without reference to other miscellaneous duties which must be regularly cared for in the course of the year, such as the days employed in refuse collection during "Township Clean-up Week", the removal of rubbish from the Municipal Building and Fire Stations, the repairing of ballot boxes and voting booths, and distribution of these boxes and booths to our fifteen election districts, the necessary attentions paid to the upkeep of the Municipal Building, the assembly and erection of street signs, and many other diverse performances of similar importance or convenience to the community.

Spreading Calcium Chloride on an Unpaved Road

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