Present methods of Township garbage and refuse collection and disposal, have met with general public satisfaction. It renders reasonably complete and clean service, under municipal supervision. In license fees it returns approximately $500 per year to the Township treasury; this year, there are twenty licensed collectors, each paying a fee of $25.00).

In order to meet requirements, each licensee must use covered trucks, and serve all customers in a uniform manner, that is, carry garbage, ashes and other refuse from the building interior, carefully deposit such material in the truck, return each receptacle to its original position, and finally convey the truck contents to the dumps. No receptacles are allowed to stand on Township property, between the curb line and sidewalk.

In general, the monthly rates for the above described service are based upon a charge of $1.00 for buildings with oil heating systems, and $1.50 in the case of coal heating.

At the end of 1936, after public bids were taken, a contract was awarded for the care of the Township dumps. This contract, covered by a bond, returns $400 to the municipality. This amount, plus the total license fees paid by garbage and refuse collectors, returns $900 to the Township without sacrificing any element of service.

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