Source: The Record, Friday, October 20, 1995, Advertising Supplement, p. TN-10

Cedar Lane history

By Richard Kunath

Up until the early 1920s, the area of Cedar Lane between Palisades Ave. and River Road had very few buildings.  Around this time, retail and office buildings started to be built. 

One of the first buildings was occupied by H. J. Tulp Real Estate and Insurance Co., which went into business in the early 1920s next to the bridge over the railroad.  Before the bridge was built, there was a railroad crossing with gates.  The long grade heading east on Cedar Lane that leads up to the current bridge was man-made to accommodate height clearance for the new bridge over the tracks.

Lifelong Teaneck resident Ed Lofberg recalls being in the fourth grade in Emerson School in the 1920s.  At that time, there was a clear view of Cedar Lane from the school.  "I remember sitting in my classroom looking down on Cedar Lane.  There were few buildings and Cedar Lane was a dirt road with horse-drawn wagons. Every spring there was a carnival in an empty lot where the movie theater now stands," Ed recalls.

The first retail store to open on what was to become the central business was opened by Joseph Stalder which he named Stalders Hardware at 445 Cedar Lane in 1925.  A few years later, he moved a few doors up to 453, now Hallmark Photographers.  His store never changed right up until 1971 when he retired at the age of 78, with its wooden floors, old telephone from the 1930s, wood barrels with nails, wood cash drawers, and Mazda light-bulb tester.  Attempts by the phone company to update his telephone equipment were met with contempt.  He never did get a cash register.  He still drove his 1947 maroon Mercury which he brought brand new.  He don't like automatic transmissions referring to them as "one foot jobs."  Being in his store was like being in a time capsule.  It was a sad day for me when he died in December 1994 at the age of 101.  We had become friends when I open my sign business next door in 1966.

In October 1931, Louis Feibel Sr. opened a bakery, which is now Buttleflake Bakery.  He lived with his family  in an apartment above Morella's Department Store, across the street from Quirks Gulf Station.  After he sold the bakery, he opened Feibels Bowling on Palisades Ave.  Lou Feibel Jr. can still recall the Fourth of July parade going down Cedar Lane in the 1930s.  Stillman & Hoag Buick dealers was where W. J. Linn Office Supplies is located.  Before that it was an Acme Supermarket.

The row of stores which Teaneck Camera Shop now occupies was built in 1948.  On this site was an old diner with a curved roof.  The diner was moved to an empty lot just west of the Teaneck Theater.  An A & P Supermarket opened next door to the diner, which became Shulmans Dress Shop in 1952.