Library offers computers for Internet access. Valid BCCLS library card is required. Maximum ONE hour per day. Wireless Internet access is available through out the Library. There are two Word Processing computers (without Internet connection) available for public use.

Information on Copying, Scanning, Printing and Mobile Printing

Tech Hour at Teaneck Library

tech helpThe program is designed to help the public set up their digital devices for reading eBooks or digital magazines. The Library offers eBooks from Overdrive and 3M as well as digital magazines from Zinio. Tech Hour is on Tuesday from 11 AM to 12 Noon every week. No registration is required. Just show up with your gadgets and your Teaneck Library Card and we will show you how to set them up!

For more information or a special appointment, please contact the Reference Department at 201-837-4171.

The Basic Computer Skills class is still ongoing every Tuesday and Saturday from 10 AM to 11 AM. The class includes instructions on mouse skills, Internet search, Library Catalog, email, online job search, etc.

Rules and Some Notes for Internet Access:

The Internet has a vast amount of information - some of it useful, some entertaining, some educational. Some of it is offensive and possibly obscene. The library cannot control the contents of the Internet nor can we know what you will find on the Net. Parents are particularly cautioned that their minor children may see things that the parent finds objectionable. Parents should either accompany their minor children or issue guidelines to their children as to what they should view on the Internet. Library staff cannot be responsible for screening what is acceptable to children.

WHO: One person at a time may use the Internet for 30 minutes. If no one is waiting, you may continue; maximum of 2 sessions or one hour per day. Your library card from a BCCLS library is required. The last 30 minutes of the library day are not available for use.

BOOKING: In person only.

E-MAIL: Allowed.

GAMES: Access not permitted. If discovered accessing, session will be terminated.

PRINTING: You are welcome to print. The charge is 10 cents per page. Note that you cannot print extremely long documents in 30 minutes, so do not attempt to do so.

OFFENSIVE MATERIAL: As noted above, the library cannot know what each person may deem offensive nor can we know what each Web site will contain. You will be using the computer in a very public place. Keep in mind that people of all ages and sensibilities will be able to view the screen. If library staff finds that something patently objectionable (in our subjective opinion) is on the screen, we will pull the plug on the computer. The person's library card will be retained and the person will have to retrieve it from the library director. We are counting on each user's discretion to prevent the above from happening.

AGES: The only age restriction concerns after school hours. From Monday to Friday between 4 and 6 p.m., you must prove that you are in grade 7 or higher to use the Internet computer on your own. Otherwise, a parent or guardian must be present

INSTRUCTION: The library offers seminars 2 times a week year-round and occasional seminars on specific subjects. We do not offer individual instruction beyond brief tips or suggestions. Users are expected to know Windows and Internet browsing. For further instructions, we suggest the courses at the Adult Education Center or Bergen Community College.

Notice With Respect to Wireless Access

The Board of Trustees of the Teaneck Public Library is pleased to make wireless Internet access available to you throughout the library. The following rules and policies apply to wireless Internet access. Use of wireless Internet access demonstrates your agreement to be bound by these rules and policies.

  1. Users are responsible for configuring their own equipment. The Library does not guarantee technical support for establishing or maintaining a connection or equipment or maintain a wireless connection.
  2. The Library is not responsible for any personal information that is compromised or for any damage caused to hardware or software resulting from the use of the wireless Internet connection for any reason whatsoever.
  3. All users are responsible for maintaining their own virus protection on their computers or wireless devices.
  4. The transmission or receiving of child pornography or sexually explicit graphics or material is strictly prohibited.
  5. Users are prohibited from misrepresenting themselves as another user; attempting to modify or gain unauthorized access to files, passwords or data belonging to others, or damaging or alternating others software or hardware.
  6. It is prohibited to download copyrighted material in violation of U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).
  7. Anyone using the network should be aware that there is no expectation of privacy when using the wireless Internet access. Your transmissions may be viewed or intercepted by third parties.
  8. Anyone violating these rules is subject to having the right to use the wireless Internet access terminated.
  9. Anyone observing another person violating any of these rules may report such violation to the Library's designated agent to receive this information. Such person will usually be the reference librarian on duty.

DISCLAIMER: The Teaneck Public Library is providing wireless connectivity in this facility as a public service and offers no guarantees or representations that any use of the wireless connection is in any way secure or that any privacy can be protected. Use of this wireless connection is entirely at the risk of the user and the Public Library is not responsible for any loss of any information that may arise from the use of the wireless connection. nor is the Teaneck Public Library responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from the use of the wireless connection.

Rules and Regulations for Word Processing:

  1. For students in 7th grade or above. Parent or guardian must be present if younger.
  2. The user must sign in at the PC desk
  3. computer may be used for 1 hour only. Longer use may be allowed to Teaneck residents if no is is waiting; proof of residency required.
  4. Computer may be used for one (1) hour only; longer stays may be allowed to Teaneck residents if no one is waiting; proof of residency required.
  5. Non-residents are limited to 1 hour per day
  6. The user is expected to know the mechanics of using the above programs or be willing to use the provided manuals. There can be no instruction by staff members
  7. Printer is shared by both computers; please be considerate of others
  8. Computers will be turned off 15 minutes before closing