Library Mission Statement

The Mission of the Teaneck Public Library is to provide modern library resources and services necessary to meet the evolving educational, recreational and informational needs of the public, thus enhancing individual and community life.

Teaneck Public Library Policies Governing Use of the Library


The Teaneck Public Library endeavors to provide an atmosphere conducive to study, reading, and the legitimate use of materials and services. To foster such an environment, each person is requested to act in a considerate manner. There are rules of conduct in the use of this library which must be observed. These rules are designated for the comfort and safety of everyone.

We ask your cooperation in NOT

  1. Talking in a loud voice
  2. Eating food (drinking non-alcoholic beverages is permitted if they are in secure contaners)
  3. Placing your feet on tables or chairs
  4. Running and jumping
  5. Soliciting
  6. Smoking
  7. Sleeping
  8. Leaving young children unattended
  9. Playing headphone sets so loudly as to be audible to others
  10. Moving furniture
  11. Using cell phones

Animals are prohibited
(Exception: Sevice animals as covered by the ADA)

There are three (3) students only allowed at each table.

The violation of any one of these rules may subject the individual(s) involved to exclusion from the library premises.